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Last look-in: March 09, 2008
Now I think I can give a confirmation that I will discontinue WinUAE-Kaillera as we know it.
This has come about due to the strain of condemnation I have placed on myself
for leaving the project and its fans dry for so long.

This in large part owed to the age of my overtasked PC, Visual C & environment so sluggish.
It has become no more a hobby but a thing of loathing to be bound at a snails pace
when needing to do work, and flipping through reference materials, amongst other things.
Money never seems to want to collect in the amounts needed for a new workhorse PC.

Could I begin a radically different approach to Kaillera + buddying WinUAE?

Getting by with my current computer, to be written in FASM [for fun!] an all encompassing
launcher that intelligently patches netplay code into the many builds of WinUAE?

Nah, see here, I've done my dash, and revealingly, this is not my path no more ...

Release 2 - Delayed indefinitely
Last update: November 29, 2003
WinUAE 0.8.23; Kaillera Client 0.9

Delayed indefinitely?? That is to say, not until it's ready!
Release 2 will arrive, just later than one would hope.

Same story, I won't set any release dates I cannot keep. There is considerable
work to be done - sorry.

See the Work In Progress section for Beta updates.

Coming features (..goals rather..)
Somewhat foolproof Kaillera implementation (redesigned from the ground up)
Full control - Including CD32 pad and Parallel Joystick adapter
Possible eight (or a theoretical sixteen plus) player support
Single player games made cooperative through shared controls
Onscreen scrolling chat feature
Threaded Windows message processing (reduces likelihood of network timeout)
WinFellow-like configuration functionality (reentering GUI after leaving emulation)
Remembers and loads last known good configuration at program start-up
Pixel-precise dynamically adjustable display window

Release 1
Hastily released: May 28, 2001
WinUAE 0.8.14, Release 4 Beta 1; Kaillera Client 0.81

Mouse support (on both joy ports - Lemmings anyone?)
Revised joy port configuration

IMPORTANT: The period of offering support for this release has ended.

Client Downloads
WinUAE-Kaillera-1.0.zip.md5 (Debug Build) - 595,555 bytes
Documentation (online)

Server Downloads
kaillerasrv-0.82-win32.zip.md5 - 17,035 bytes

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