It's Classic Home Computer Gaming Across Wide And Local Networks

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WinUAE-Kaillera enables users of this great emulator, WinUAE, to play head-to-head
and cooperatively over a TCP/IP network, such as the Internet. For this it uses
the Kaillera engine, a program developed specifically for enabling emulators
to achieve "netplay".

Application & Compatibility
WinUAE-Kaillera best supports games that have two or more (up to eight) players
on the visible screen at any one time, in addition single player games can be made
cooperative through shared controls, this functionality allows turn-based gameplay.

The Amiga platform is not short of games that meet the above criteria, there are
literally hundreds, here are just some fine examples.

Kick-Off 2International Karate +
Dragon NinjaLemmings
CabalBubble Bobble