It's Classic Home Computer Gaming Across Wide And Local Networks

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here's a bunch of silly questions - that aren't so frequently asked ;)

How can I help further development?
a) Report reproducible emulator bugs or desyncs with emulated games or software.
b) Send positive and or constructive feedback to the Forums.
c) "Don't forget to be a Kaillera before brushing your teeth!"

What is the optimal Connection type setting for my PING time?
Connection type determines the frequency of key frames, too frequent and
you'll lag ever more, too infrequent and you'll lag anyway, but, should impact
less on other players, usually resulting in a prolonged session.

The following table is derived from my own experience, that in mind
these values might vary for you.

0-100 msLAN (60 keyframes/s)Strictly stable PINGs
101-200 msExcellent (30 keyframes/s)
201-300 msGood (20 keyframes/s)
301-400 msAverage (15 keyframes/s)
401-500 msLow (12 keyframes/s)
501+ msBad (10 keyframes/s)