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Release 2 Beta 2 - Work In Progress
Released: November 8, 2002
WinUAE 0.8.22, Release 1; Kaillera Client 0.9

Since it bests all prior versions, I thought, may as well make this private Beta available for all.

Present features:
Full control - Including Parallel Joystick adapter
Possible eight (or a theoretical sixteen plus) player support
Single player games made cooperative through shared controls
Onscreen scrolling chat feature
Threaded Windows message processing (reduces likelihood of network timeout)
WinFellow-like configuration functionality (reentering GUI after leaving emulation)
Pixel-precise dynamically adjustable display window

Quick notes:
Client has "limited" interface, configuration means manual editing (for advanced users).
That is not always possible, however, and in such cases you may load "Kaillera.UAE"
configuration file into "" and proceed with the changes you want to make.

To avoid desynchronization, you are cautioned now, not to deviate far from the present
host and client configuration. It is sensitive to the slightest change.

All players must share identical client version and emulated hardware, also including
but not limited to ROM and (Hard)Disk image files, the only exceptions then being
Controller and perhaps Display settings that can freely differ.

But a single timeout on the server is enough to de-sync any Kaillera game,
unfortunately. This may change in the future.

F11 = Toggle in-session chat

Client Downloads - 955,397 bytes

Further notes:
This build is not recent, and as such does not represent the current or final
state of the program. I think you will find it is the most "working" and least bugged build.

If someone tests this with Dual Processors or a Hyper-Threading enabled system,
could they let me know if the program (or your OS) crashes or pulls through, he he!

As with all binaries and source, you use at your own risk.
(Wait on final release for sources, having lost the archives. D'oh!)

Server Downloads - 21,165 bytes
kaillerasrv-0.86-linux.tgz.md5 - 36,081 bytes
kaillerasrv-0.86-freebsd.tgz.md5 - 36,378 bytes - 18,459 bytes

Release 1 Beta 1
Released: April 30, 2001
WinUAE 0.8.14, Release 4 Beta 1; Kaillera Client 0.72

Supports 2 players (Keyboard & Joystick)

Client Downloads (Debug Build) - 684,944 bytes
Documentation (online)

Server Downloads - 16,686 bytes
kaillerasrv-0.7-linux.tgz.md5 - 29,994 bytes